Working mainly with clay, sculptress Edyta Szymanska creates both small figurative pieces and large scale art. 

Her work is concerned with the human figure, interpreted through colour, texture and form, using the figure as the vehicle through which to express beauty line and grace. Her medium is principally clay and, more recently, steel. 

Born in Poland, Edyta comes from an artistic background.  Her father was a painter and writer, and his work informed her sensibilities throughout her childhood.  Edyta started working seriously in ceramics in 2002, when she opened a studio on completion of her studies in physiotherapy.  

During this time she became potter to a Viking group.  Among the works she completed were reconstructions of Middle Ages ceramic sculptures and implements.  She has since exhibited in Germany, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, France and Holland. 

Now living in Ireland, she has a residency in the Malthouse in Stradbally, where she is combining ceramic and steel to create works which reflect her inner world.  Her background in physiotherapy gives those sculptures that are based on the human form an added dimension. 


"I am a seeker, an explorer who desires ways in which to grow and learn and become wise in my art.  My existence depends on my art - it is an integral part of my life"

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